How Does it Work?

How Does it Benefit Finance Department?

How Does it Benefit Service Department?

What Are My Obligations?




For more than 30 years, AutoMate has provided Automotive Dealerships with some of the best vehicle protection products available. These years of experience in the business have afforded us the opportunity to observe and evaluate many different Paint Protection Programs. We believe that we offer the very best Program on the market.

AutoMate can provide you with a legitimate Paint Protection Program to help you make money – lots of money! Our warranty is a value added product that your F&I Department can really believe in. Additionally, we will provide your Service Department with state-of-the-art equipment to clean and polish vehicles.

If you agree to sell our warranties, we will provide a full equipment package for your Dealership, complete with your choice of carwash machine, R/O system, blower package, and our soft cloth polisher. Your only obligation is to enroll an agreed upon number of customers into our Paint Protection Program each month. Best of all, AutoMate takes care of everything – delivery, installation, even ongoing maintenance and training!

This allows you to do what you are good at – selling vehicles. We remain committed to doing what we are good at – maintaining equipment and facilitating our Paint Protection program. This partnership is successful because the AutoMate Program provides real value to the customer and to the Dealer.

AutoMate seeks to contribute to a Dealer’s success by providing an established profit center through a valid and exceptional Paint Protection Program that increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Expanding our services now into 5 Southwestern states, AutoMate can offer you the best Paint Protection Program available, while also delivering the most satisfied customer on each return visit to your dealership.


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