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How Does it Benefit Service Department?

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The AutoMate Paint Protection Warranty Program is the best warranty program available for your Service Department.

Along with providing our paint sealant product, AutoMate will also deliver, install, and maintain our revolutionary and fully automatic Soft Cloth Polish Machine. Over 20,000 soft cloths are used to apply our specially formulated sealant to the painted surfaces of all of your automobiles. AutoMate’s Soft Cloth Polisher produces a perfectly polished vehicle in about 10 minutes. The Polisher increases efficiency in your Service and Detail Departments, while reducing labor and chemical costs.

AutoMate also offers a full range of automated carwash systems – from our custom built drive-thru machine – to the industry’s best roll-over carwash. Our carwashes are specifically designed to meet your Dealership needs, and can wash up to 500 vehicles per day. Many of our Dealers have a full carwash package, including R/O Spot Free Rinse, and Blower packages for drying vehicles. AutoMate specializes in installation and maintenance of our systems to reduce your headaches and create an efficient operation for your dealership. If you have a problem, one phone call is all it takes to get everything taken care of. And for Dealers on the AutoMate Program, you’ll never spend a penny to maintain the equipment – AutoMate takes care of everything!

The AutoMate Program also offers you additional revenue opportunities with each of your customers. AutoMate sends a personalized reminder notice to your customers every six months, reminding them to return to the dealership for a paint sealant re-application. This notice includes a free, customized advertisement to promote your Service and Parts Department. Your Service Department will never lack traffic once the AutoMate Program is in operation.



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