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The AutoMate Paint Protection Warranty Program is the best warranty program available for your Finance Department.

AutoMate offers your Finance Department a great product and warranty to sell – a legitimate warranty offering real value and genuine results to your customers. Dealers partnered with AutoMate report 60% to 95% sales penetration, with an average of about 70%. AutoMate provides ongoing training and support to ensure the highest penetration rates possible. We even provide Sales Manuals for your personnel, complete with a selling script, objections to overcome, and plenty of evidence material.

Many Dealers preload our paint sealant product, AstroGlaze, because we do not charge for chemicals. The warranty is much easier to sell when the product is already applied to the vehicle. Our Paint Protection Warranty can also be upgraded for additional profit, and your F&I Department can sell an Interior Protection Package as well.

AutoMate sends a personalized re-application notice to your customers every six months, reminding them to return to the dealership for a free re-application of paint sealant. Your customers will be delighted when they learn that they will be getting the sealant applied 5 or even 9 additional times at no additional cost. Every six months, they receive a free re-application, and the dealership benefits by retaining customers.

In addition, AutoMate’s warranty is non-cancellable and non-refundable. Once purchased, your F&I money is secure. AutoMate also makes a great product packaged with other protection items in a full vehicle “Protection Program.”



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