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AutoMate is an authorized distributor and service company for Autec Polisher machines. We are proud to offer a "Roll-Over" style polisher that can meet the needs of your dealership and exceed your expectations. Totally automated, the Autec AES-100 applies a lustrous finish to all of your vehicles. Simply spray our patented paint sealant, AstroGlaze, on the vehicle and press the start button and in a few short minutes the vehicle is prep'd and ready for the customer. Your service department will sparkle in your customers' eyes. But they'll never have to know how easy it is to polish a car with our machine. It's safe with no scratching, streaking or swirling. This polisher is a workhorse and is the foundation behind our AutoMate program.


  • Soft cloth for safe, thorough cleaning

  • Simple, yet durable hydraulic operation for the most gentle vehicle surface massage

  • Reliable, self-diagnostic software-driven controls

  • 84" Vehicle Height Clearance

  • Dual Arm Support keeps rotation true and consistent on all four arms

  • Split Hub design ensures the pads will stay contoured to the vehicle

  • On-board Self-Diagnostic Computer minimizes electrical requirements for fast, economical installation

  • Horizontal to buffer details all flat surfaces



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