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AutoMate has once again designed a perfect product for the carwash industry. Our soap foamers can be retrofitted to almost any type of structure to deliver a thick, shaving cream-like foam to the surface of your vehicle. Our strategically designed foaming chamber mixes the proper amount of soap, water, and air to deliver the kind of foam that maximizes the cleaning capabilities of our carwashes. Our foaming system can be fitted to an existing presoak arch to coat the vehicle with foam before it enters the wash, or we can strategically place the foaming outlets within the carwash to deliver foam while the vehicle is being washed. Foaming arches not only enhance the visual appearance of the carwash experience, but they aid in applying the correct amount of soap and lubrication to the vehicles surface.


  • Custom Designed Foaming Chamber that Produces a Thick, Shaving Cream-like Foam

  • Retrofitted to Arches or Carwash for Maximum Effectiveness

  • Compact Design that allows for Easy Installation and Maintenance

  • Visually Appealing to the Eye


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