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AutoMate is proud to offer a full line of arches that include presoak arches, foamer arches, and final rinse arches. All of our arches have the same quality construction and craftsmanship that is put into our Drive-Thru carwash. Featuring 3"x3" square aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware, our final rinse arch is designed to last a lifetime in the harsh conditions of a carwash bay. The presoak and final rinse arches both feature Stainless Steel Water Valves that resist corrosion while delivering reliable rinses time after time. Each arch utilizes 15 separate nozzles that are designed to deliver an effective spray pattern to completely cover and rinse each vehicle. All of our spray nozzles are outfitted with quick release check valves that will completely seal and shut off instantly when the arch is turned off so you will no longer waste valuable city and R/O water.


  • All Aluminum 3"x3" Square Tube Construction

  • 15 Strategically Placed Spray Nozzles with Check Valves

  • Stainless Steel Water Valves

  • 96" (or more) Vehicle Height Clearance


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