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AutoMate is proud to introduce the carwash industry's most advanced drive-thru cleaning system. Our "Revolutionary" Drive-Thru system will outclean, outlast, and outperform all competitors. The secret to our success comes from the patented bearing-free mitter system that offers 360 degrees of scrubbing, swirling, rotating, and oscillating power. Combine that with our side brushes that literally "Wrap-Around" the front and back of every vehicle and you will see why it is the most advanced carwash in the industry today.


  • "Revolutionary" mitter design that both oscillates and rotes to provide the most complete cleaning system.

  • All Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction that provides dependable, long-term operation

  • Patented bearing-free Wrap-Around side brushes that, when combined, reach in excess of 360°

  • On-board, fully integrated hydraulic power unit

  • Water-based hydraulic fluid

  • Direct-drive Rocker Panel brushes that focus on the dirt and road grime on the front, rear, and sides of vehicle

  • Both inner and outer stainless steel guide rails that allow both compact cars and duallys

  • 96" (or more) vehicle height clearance

  • Hybrid pad design that combines the cleaning power of cloth with the gentle touch of foam

  • Options include Presoak Arch, Soap Foamer, Final Rinse Arch, R/O System, and 45hp Dryers





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